🌱 The Easiest Waste Free DIY All Purpose Spray 🌱


If you are a busy bee or a lazy daisy (I can be both!) but would love to be able to make your own all purpose cleaning spray, I have the best set and forget recipe for you!

I always have 1-2 jars of this on the go at home, usually at the bottom of my pantry somewhere so that I can continuously top up my amber glass spray bottles as I need.

Here is the super easy-peasy cleaning spray recipe for you!


🍋🍊 Lemon or orange peels with all pulp removed. I use lemons and oranges that we have eaten. I clear off the pulp and pith and put it in the jar.

🧴 Glass jar with an air tight lid

🌹 Essential oils of your choice. I love Sweet Orange, Eucalypt and Lavender

🍶 Vinegar (White or Apple Cider) 

💦 Amber Glass Spray Bottle


🍊🍋 Fill the jar loosely with orange and/or lemon peel

🍶 Pour vinegar into the jar ensuring that you cover all of the peel. If you need to, push the peel down or remove some and create a second jar! 

⏰ Let the mixture sit for at least a week, I leave mine for months as they are always on the go!

💦 When ready, use a clean Amber Glass Spray Bottle (large one) and strain in (I use a strain and funnel) the infused vinegar into the jar, leaving around 3-4cm of air space at the top. If not, it will overfill when putting the spray top in! Yep, I have done that many times!

🌹 Drop in 30-50 drops of your fav oils. Feel free to mix it up.

🙌 Put the spray top on and give it a little shake and it is good to go!

I use this all purpose cleaner in the bathroom and kitchen and love it. It leaves a streak free finish and smells great. As an asthmatic with loads of allergies, I find it beneficial to use as little harsh chemicals in my home.

Plus, you are making use of peels full of essential oils that would have otherwise ended up in the bin!