"Spruce the Pooch" with No Nasties Home





So its always super cute when Elvis takes his furry butt outside and goes insane in the dandelion blooms. It's all curls in the air and pollen mist. I mean this is entertainment! Plus the little guy is having fun, (the bees aren't happy), but I won't have to walk him this afternoon and that's a few less weeds to knock over. It's great, that is, until we head inside and I now have to face what I have done! 


My allergies are going mental as Elvis is creating his masterpiece (huge mess) on the floor. I mean it looks like he has taken Homer Simpson and dragged him through the mud, into my house, and mauled him. Cleaning the carnage of an animated character off my floor is the last thing I want to be doing today.


Lucky I have a go to for all of my pet needs. Enter Peticular, the shop for people who are particular about their pets. We had a chat with Jon and Brett Manning about the business- please enjoy....


Hi Guys! So who is Peticular and what are you all about?

Peticular is a dog and cat outfitter store focussed on quality and style. We are particular about all things pets. We support both amazing local brands and scour the globe for exciting international products. We started out online in 2012, and opened our first store in Peregian Beach, on the Sunshine Coast, in 2017.

What is the funniest thing someone has done with your product?

We have one particular customer whose dog happens to be a robot (don't ask!). He regularly buys our doggie bandanas and sends us lots of photos! He loves that robot dog. Over the years we've also kitted out various ferrets, goats and sheep with harnesses and leads!

What’s the funniest fail you’ve had in business?

We had this one customer who kept ordering almost daily. HUGE orders. So we grew very suspicious that she was somehow scamming us. So we investigated. But no, there were no scams, she just happened to own the digital publishing rights to 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and clearly a lot of women at that time were quietly enjoying it on their Kindle!


Favourite cocktail and why?

Pina Colada (must be consumed poolside) as nothing else quite says "FINALLLLY a freakin' holiday!"

What is the word you love the most and why?

Can we have two? Puppy and Kitten. Nothing smells, looks or feels quite like them. Gin is a pretty close third though.

What word do you hate and why?

We know it's two words, but 'last orders' is pretty heart breaking.

What did/do you want to be when you grow up?

Well, funnily enough, a pet shop owner according to the primary school project Jon's mum still proudly shows off.

Weird/fun fact about you?

Well Jon went on tour with a noughties boyband called 'Blue' for 3 months. That's kinda weird.

What does the best day in your business look like?

Dog walk with our pups Alfie & Rufus. Coffee. Overnight orders packed and dispatched. Shop open. Coffee. HEAPS of puppies to cuddle and fit out with cool gear. Coffee. Unpacking exciting new product arrivals. Some time planning our next product ranges. Final online orders shipped. Close shop. Gin. Tonic.

Where to next?

Well we have started developing our own line of products called 'Wildling Pet Co.' which is really fun. We're also eyeing up some new Peticular store locations for 2022... (this is a secret though!).

What is the future of the brand in your eyes?

More than ever, our pets are legit the best family members (sorry gran) who honestly bring us so much joy. So we're going to continue to source high quality, unique products for them (just like the fabulous Elvis, Bathy Time soap bar!). Pet ownership is at an all time high (thanks COVID!), so we want to be on that journey with every family looking for the best for their furry friends.

3 reasons our readers should buy your product and why? 

Speed! When you shop online we know you want it NOW! With Peticular, you can place an order at like 4.45pm and it will be shipped out the same day (it helps being located right opposite a Post Office!)

Service! I know many say it, but honestly, we think our customer service absolutely rocks. Our staff are awesome. Our online chat feature can be a lifesaver. We'll help you with sizing, make exchanges easy and will happily tell you what you do (and more importantly do not) need

Choice! Check our store out and you will see products you've never seen before! (Chewy Vuiton or Sniffany & Co. anyone?)