The benefits of Natural Cleaning


When I made the change from the everyday, conventional (toxin filled) cleaning products in my home to natural products, we saw quite a few changes, some unexpected!
There are so many benefits to using natural cleaning products at home, and here are my top 5!


1 - Cleaner Air
Natural cleaning products are generally better for your health as you are removing caustic cleaners and toxins from your environment. Did you know that bleach remains in the air for days after use and reach metres away from where initially used! Remove the everyday use of bleaches and caustic cleaners for healthy air and less irritation to your airways and lungs! Have you ever coughed your lungs out cleaning the oven... Yep!


2 - Essential Oils - Saving money and your health 
Apart from certain essential oils which are not great for pets (double check before you use any essential oils - I am hyper aware of the dangers of essential oil misuse!) essential oils can be your best friend, when used correctly. I use essential oils in my diffusers around the home, in my DIY cleaning products, on my body and hair! The world of essential oils can be so much fun, do your research and enjoy!


3 - Saving Money
Eco and natural cleaning products CAN save you money! I use a mix of store bought and DIY products at home. Sometimes I don't have the time to make products and sometimes, the store bought products are just WAY better, so why bother! I used to be a cleaning product junkie! Seriously, forget my shoe collection, you should have seen my toilet cleaner and all purpose spray collection. It was an obsession! Switching to reusable cleaning cloths instead of paper towels and dishwashing bars instead of $7 of natural dishwashing liquid washing down the drain has saved us money. We have calculated that we are saving about $25 a month on cleaning products alone (not to mention paper towel and "Chux"!


4 - Your body will respond...
This was a surprising one for me. Have you heard that when people give up sugar for a while, then take a bite of a cake or something sweet it is actually repulsive to them? Well your body (your nose and skin specifically) will have time to recalibrate and will start to warn you about toxins and in particular synthetic fragrances or funky smells. After a few months I couldn't even sniff a synthetically scented candle without gagging and I could smell the difference between tap and filtered water. My skin also didn't feel tight or dry from the cleaning products I was using! You become more in tune with your body.


5 - You know the ingredients!
Ever read the back of a chemical laden cleaning product. There are so many numbers, x's and y's and words you can't pronounce. Check out the ingredients of our dishwashing bar for example:
Natural | Lemon + Lemongrass
Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera Oil), Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis Oil), Water (Aqua), Lemon Oil (Citrus Medica Limonum Oil), Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Oil)
See how simple it is... and you can understand it all right? That's the big difference, it is no different to the food we eat!


Check out the natural cleaning options, you will be healthier for it!