The day I found the best peg ever...


A peg... You might be wondering why a peg would light me up so much.

I started on my KonMari journey a while ago and, although I suck at culling my clothes, I love the notion of only keeping things that "spark joy".

A good Gin & Tonic sparks joy! My daughters smiles, hugs and laughter sparks joy! My husband revving his Harley sparks joy! Clean linen sparks joy!

You know what DOESN'T spark joy?

Tiny pegs don't spark joy.

Broken plastic pegs don't spark joy and those crappy wooden pegs, specifically the one that made a "pang" noise, shot off the line and clipped me in the head, did not spark joy.

BUT... Oh Boy... Jumbo, sleek, Stainless Steel, Marine Grade, 8.5cm pegs, oh boy do they spark a joy in me that is beyond belief!

Towels, no problem. Blankets, we've got this (that's what the pegs say).

I have found my happy place, hanging the washing, with my jumbo pegs.

Life is good!

Adult sized pegs are here. You deserve them.

xx Nat