Why Nat? Why?


Welcome to No Nasties Home! A passion project from the start... Really, it started as a way for me to create Aussie jobs AND products that I wanted in my home!

We literally launched in 3 months. If you have met me, you will know that I am a massive doer and there were many 12-14 hour days but boy was it worth it!

I have been asked several times this week alone, "Why Nat?", why would I launch yet another brand when we already have 2 successful and busy brands, No Nasties Kids and SLiCK KiDS... Why would I want MORE to do... and here is the why behind our brand No Nasties Home...

COVID and by extension, our Government had restricted trading on millions of businesses across Australia... it was March 2020 and I was watching the TV and thinking about the fellow business owners and their teams. Everyday Aussies, like me, however, they were unable to open their doors or trade and my heart broke at the debilitating effect this would have on their financial position. 

I worried for the casual workers who had lost their jobs overnight and their families. 

Scrolling through Facebook I saw post after post on our local pages with people asking for work, any work, because they had been let go. I thought, how can we help?

We don't have limitless funds either... but how could we take a small step towards creating more Australian jobs and giving business to other local businesses?

No Nasties Home was the answer.

I have toyed with the idea for a while and it seemed like a good time. Why? Because if we could create more jobs and bring to market products that I was truly passionate about, then why not. Well that was my thinking anyway.

We set about to find someone locally who could sew and were so lucky to be introduced to April early on who had not found suitable work for several YEARS. She is an asset, a gem with a heart of gold who has quickly become an integral part of all of our brands.

But we did more than create 1 job... We bought from another local family business, who manufacture all of our solid bar products. They created LOTS of products for us and are continuing to do so. 

We also then bought packaging from a local family printer. Lots of it.

We then hired an SA based marketing team to start working on marketing the brand. 

We then hired several local photographers to photograph all of our new products.

You see, it's not just the in-house job that No Nasties Home has created... It has an impact across Australia.

We hope that the phenomenal range is as loved by you as it is by as and in that, their reach continues to grow with several important and amazing objectives (our purpose)...

They are;

- To reduce waste

- To reduce plastics

- To increase the volume of palm oil free and vegan products on the market

- To reduce toxins in your home and on your body

- To create a culture of reuse, recycle and re-purposing goods


Now THAT is a massive win for us, even if we never see a dollar from this business, it was well worth it. For our current economy, for Aussie Made, for our health and our children. 


I'll cheers to that!


xx Nat