Winter Means Bigfoot Legs!


Its winter, and I don't know about you, but jeans, leggings and tights become my best friends. Unfortunately, this means that my legs don't get the attention that they usually do during the warmer months. You could easily mistaken my legs for the Forest of Dean right now. I mean it's literally like Bigfoot stepped into my pants and walked out into the world, but those pants make you all none the wiser, don't they!

It really is liberating to say to yourself- "Forget the razor!" and cover those pegs up- applying just a little less maintenance and time thinking about beautifying yourself. I do this for me as part of my self-care to give myself more time to show up for myself in my routine during this time.

However, when we have the off winter day that is too warm for my fav lived in jeans, and I have to don some shorts or a dress...I immediately regret my decision to be a conservationist towards my feme leg forest. The thought of getting dressed on these days has actually turned to anxiety over my overgrown and tangled leg garden. You really need something of a weed whacker strength to get through that mess, the run of the mill plastic razor just wouldn't cut it- literally. So, although selfish needs were what drew me towards a re-usable razor, I am glad I made the switch. I get to help save the environment while creating a managed one on my legs (at least there won't be any creatures displaced). 

With around 100 million disposable razors being dumped into landfill in Australia a year, a more sustainable solution makes me feel pretty happy. Lucky this shiny re-usable razor has the ability to hack through all that dead wood and still be up to the challenge of my husband's food saver (beard) after. Get yours here