Nudie Nutmeg | All Natural Loose Mineral Powder

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Note from Nat...

This is a light powder which gives added coverage if needed and I suggest it would suit you if you like a matt finish. If you need extra coverage, you can use it the way I do which is to put "Tinted Beach Face" on first, then "Nudie Nutmeg" and follow with a light top of "Tinted Beach Face".

This product is naturally scented like nutmeg and is easy to apply but bare in mind, there is no sifter so be careful when opening. I put the tip of my soft brush into the tin and tap out the excess on the inside of the lid before applying.


What is it?

Nudie Nutmeg is exactly that, a nude mineral powder to give you a natural covering with a shimmer and a sparkle. This is a light shade for those who prefer not to wear huge amounts of makeup but who would still love a hint of colour and shimmer.

Nudie Nutmeg is handcrafted in small batches using all natural ingredients therefore colour may vary from batch to batch. It is a light shade and if a deeper tone is required layering of the product is needed. It is available in full size 20g tin, neatly packaged in a reusable cotton muslin drawstring pouch.  


How to Apply

Making the transition from store bought to natural make up can be a little overwhelming as there are not as many 'make it easy' gadgets included in the product packaging, such as a sifter... We find it easiest to either dab your soft bristle makeup brush into the powder and tapping excess out on the inside of the lid to apply or tap a little power directly onto the inside of the lid before applying to your brush.

Apply to your skin in long, gentle sweeps and dabbing in area's that require a little more coverage.



All our ingredients are all natural, vegan and not tested on animals

Nudie Nutmeg

arrowroot, nutmeg, cocoa, mica