About Us


No Nasties Home was born in 2020, out of a need to waste less, reduce plastics, bring fun natural and cotton products to market and create local jobs! 

In 4 short months, that's just what we did! 

We take our products very seriously, but not ourselves, we are a fun bunch.

Nat, the dreamer and doer, created the vision for No Nasties Home in an old art book one afternoon. She told Maz. Maz took a big deep breath... She is the realistic one... "Are you sure you can take on anything more right now?" she asked in her very proper English accent.

"Ofcourse I can!" said Nat, beaming with excitement, it doesn't take much... Haha

Then Nat set out to find someone who could sew, because she can't and she very quickly came across April and it all just clicked. 

April is the creative one, super sweet and always willing to help. She hand makes ALL of our cotton cloth products and takes alot of pride in her work. 

So what have we created?

A range of phenomenally awesome products that we all use in our homes each and every day. Isn't that how it should be?

And, best of all, we love doing it. 

So welcome to No Nasties Home, we hope you feel at home with us too.


xx The Girls