Hippie Sticks Planting Guide

We have created a planting guide to ensure you have success growing your flower.

And make the most of your finished lippy and help feed the bees. 

Ways to plant your tube

Sow tube directly into soil until the lid is barely covered. 

Sow lid only in seed raising mix (the rest of your tube can go in the compost).

For those who can't wait to grow their flower. Remove seed from under cap on lid and sow directly into seed raising mix.

Corn flower information; 

Food for beneficial insects
Hardy Annual
Days to germination | 7-14
Preferred Garden Position |  Full sun 

When to Sow

Early Spring

Sow indoors in containers and protect against low night temperatures.

Late Spring | Early Summer
Indoors  or once danger of frosts has passed. 

Late Summer | Early Autumn
Best time for planting.

The tube itself is 100% biodegradable and it will take 3-4 months to decompose. 

Extra Tips
Always use a good quality soil or seed raising mix.
Never sow too deeply (Seed should be barely covered).
Never allow soil or seed mix to dry out or become waterlogged.
Be vigilant of low light levels and seedling damping off.

Because of many factors that could prevent germination, Hippie Stick does not 100% guarantee that your tube will grow a flower.