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Wanting to make your home "more" eco?

Would you like to save hundreds of dollars every year on wet wipes? YAS BABY!
These gorgeous cloth wipes are made in Australia of cotton flannel in super cute and graphic patterns and some solid colours too.

A good quality, natural-based wet wipe pack costs around $7.50 a pack for 80 wipes... These gorgeous wipes will last for years! Buy once and save yourself hundreds of dollars while helping to reduce landfill. WIN WIN!
Included are 12 x mixed print design cloth wipes

Let's do some fun maths...

You buy 1 pack of wet wipes a week for 1 year...  $15 x 52 = $780

2 x gorgeous packs give you 24 wipes to reuse and customise with beautiful oils for only $99.90.  In 1 year that is a saving of $680.10! BOOM!

Each wipe is 1 ply and can be used as baby wipes with water or a baby wipe solution, face wipes, washcloths, travel wipes etc. They are great to have around for any application and a perfect gift for the expecting Mumma.
***flannel becomes more absorbent after the first few washes*** 
Each wipe is approximately 18 x 20 cm
12 x mixed print design cloth wipes
No Nasties Home wipes are made on The Sunshine Coast, Australia
Washing instructions
Machine wash warm with like colours, dry in the dryer.
Wipes are pre-washed once, expect some shrinkage when washing.


No Nasties Home Story

No Nasties wants to create jobs in Australia and particularly for mums on the Sunshine Coast that would otherwise struggle to find work during school hours. You know the drill, get up, get dressed, get the kids ready, brush hair, make them breakfast, brush your teeth, then the checks... Lunchbox (check), shoes (check), water bottle (check), homework (check), school hat (check), library bag... Ugh!
Then you race out of the house, kiss and drop if possible and then rush to work because you literally have to be finished by 2:30 to get back to the school to collect the kids then home to the same style of checklists just in reverse. There aren't many jobs that allow that flexibility or the understanding when kids are sick, things go wrong, you have to be somewhere for the family etc
And that's what we aim to do. Provide jobs with flexibility. We also aim to purchase 100% of the No Nasties Home products and packaging in Australia and support local.
Want to help? Spread the word, share our products and if you really like the sound of it, invest in some quality, Aussie made No Nasties Home goods.
Thank you!
x Nat