Jumbo Stainless Steel Pegs | 85mm because size matters!

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In the land of pegs, size matters! Do you know why?

Have you bought stainless steel pegs? Did they arrive and the thought flashed past your mind, "These belong on my daughters Doll clothes hanger"?

Or, "What teeny tiny undies will these teeny tiny, pint sized pegs hold? Not MINE!?"

Yep, been there done that!

Well, we have searched the globe, and tucked away in Rozelle was my beautiful friend Marianna holding the BIGGEST, JUMBO, Stainless Steel, Marine Grade, 85mm Silver Peg...

And I thought "Wow Marianna, how big are those pegs? Imagine the blankets I could hang? The fluffy towels? The sun hat! Oh the possibilities!" 

We had to have them, and so we did. 

And here they are!

Trust me, you will LOVE them as much as I do. Adult sized pegs. You deserve them.