Kitchen Scrubber Sponge | Plant-based Cellulose

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Scrub it Clean!

These amazing NATURAL VALUE kitchen scrubbers are designed to remove kitchen grease and burned on food from pots, pans, tables, countertops, walls, sinks and appliances and work a treat when used with our solid dishwashing bars!

This sponge is made from plant-based cellulose which is a renewable resource and the scrubber side is made from recycled fibres. Tick!

They are dual use with the green side used for scouring and the yellow side for wiping clean.

They can also be sanitized by boiling!

Not recommended for use on glass wear, plastic wear, porcelain, non-stick surfaces or polished, brushed or satin finish surfaces! They are so effective and may scratch!

* Not for aquarium use


7 cm x 11.2 cm x 2 cm

Made in the USA