Muscle Melt | Calming + Soothing Balm

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Note from Nat...

Tired or achy muscles? Ain't nobody got time for that! This balm is easy to apply and we have found that it relaxes our little one before bedtime... Go figure!


What is it?

Muscle Melt - We all need this and I have to say its soooo good!! This melt is a blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Water, Wax, Peppermint oil and the not so secret ingredient, Bicarb Soda! Yes you heard right!  This melt is perfect for the active man (or woman) or the achey man (or woman).

Tired muscles release lactic acid in the blood by making it more acidic andBicarb acts as buffer for lactic acid therefore reduces the muscle pain and improves contraction.  Wahoo team! This magic ingredient plus the calming soothing and anti inflammatory properties of peppermint has created the perfect melt that not only relieves tired muscles, it also supports muscle recovery!


How to Apply

Massage a small amount into the preferred muscle site before or after exercise to help avoid muscle ache and tension.


All our ingredients are all natural, vegan and not tested on animals

Muscle Melt - 30g Tin

Sweet Almond Oil, Water, Candelilla Wax, Bicarb Soda, Peppermint Oil