Super Natural Eye Liner | Black

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Note from Nat...

I moved to liquid eyeliner years ago! I can do it with my eyes closed now, and it does take a little practise. This eyeliner is easy to apply with an eyeliner brush. Dab, ensure there are no lumps and apply as you would a pencil or liquid eyeliner. I suggest applying a little eye balm to your upper eye as it can smudge a little if not as it is oil based. I wore it to the beach and even went for a dive and it didn't run which was a surprise. A great everyday eyeliner or whisker drawer :) 

What is it?

Our eyeliner has only TWO ingredients! How amazing is that? Road tested for longevity and rainy days its the perfect addition to your natural make up collection.

The eyeliner is handcrafted in small batches and available in a 7g tin, neatly packaged in a reusable cotton muslin drawstring pouch.      


How to Apply

Using an eyeliner brush, gently coat the brush in the eyeliner and apply to desired area of eye. Rinse brush in warm water after use.  Store in a cool dry place.


All our ingredients are all natural, vegan and not tested on animals


Charcoal and Jojoba Oil