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This natural Veggie Scrubber is ergonomically designed, sturdy and easy to use!

It laughs in the face of dirty potatoes! Take that you grubby spuds! 

The Veggie Scrubber looks beautiful on the counter tops (we keep ours in a little dish) and makes cleaning veggies simple! We use a mix of water, a little essential oil and bicarb soda, soak the veggies for 5-10 minutes and then scrub hard veggies (like carrots and potatoes).

NB Our Dishwashing Dish-co bars are sold separately - here.

Why we love them

  • Made of 100% vegan plant based sisal and bamboo
  • Made with strong sisal bristles, which make it easy to gently scrub dirt and residue from veggies and fruit!
  • Ergonomically-designed and easy to hold, even with wet hands!
  • Safe for kids to use, here is a job for them! 

EverEco is also an Australian owned company!